Agateware rose around the 18th century in England, invented for European aristocracy. Most of the works were presumably inspired by Chinese ceramic pieces with a twistable body (Jiao Tai) in the Tang Dynasty. Each piece is characterized by unique patterning and deep saturation of colours. Intrigued by this, explored numerous colour stains and mixed them at different ratios into the clay body—working toward what in my opinion represented a contemporary colour palette. Chose a spherical shape and a round spout for the vessel form to emphasize the pattern on the surface. The positioning of the pattern was intentionally controlled to match the relationship between surface and object.

Agateware兴起于十八世纪的英国, 专门为上层阶级所创造。大多数的产品可能受了中国唐代陶瓷绞胎的影响。它有丰富的颜色和独一无二的图案。颜色是经过多次尝试调和出来并搭配在一起的。简单的球形造型是为了强调图案,并且通过控制图案的位置来把握颜色、图案和物体本身的关系。


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