Material: Earthenware

Design & Made: Chenchen Hu

In this project, Chenchen explores the relationship and boundary between sculptures and products and whether they two can be distinguished by functionality. The shape of each piece of ceramic is supposed to build an ambiguous room somewhat like a ‘container’, whose characteristics depend on the thoughts and perspective of people. The meaning of objects wavers between uselessness and usefulness. It also provides a chance for people to shift between the role of a viewer and a user.

These works were made with both slip-casting technique (mass production) and hand-built (craftsmanship). One corresponds with the steady and even black glaze half and the other creates the randomly textured colourful glaze half. They two constitute strong visual contrast; half regular, half natural; half peaceful, half tense; half rational, half sensible…

Chenchen tries to display a balanced unity of opposites from various angles, such as achieving completion with incompletion and exhibiting polarity in everything.