Bone China porcelain

slip casting


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This series is inspired from scenes of birds dangling grass in their beaks. It may be a strange and uncomfortable knowledge to learn that a component in Bone China Porcelain is bone ash from animals. However, by the nature of the material’s white translucency and allowing light to enter, it connotes life encircled by death. The bird-like forms embody the cycle of rebirth in both its materiality and function.

骨瓷这种材料有动物骨灰的成分, 了解这一特性后不免对它产生异样的感觉。制作了以小鸟衔草为原型的一组花器, 想要传递给人们一种与死亡相对的情感, 重生。

另外, 骨瓷的透光性给予了必要的条件, 作为花器, 本身就是承载生命的器具, 这在另一程度上解释了生与死的依存关系。


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