Chenchen Hu


胡晨晨 Chenchen Hu (b.1991, China)

As a product designer and contemporary ceramic maker, I especially focus on the application of design and arts, creating a diverse range of works including sculptures, installations, and products.

After graduating from the Product Design School at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (China) and Kolding School of Design (Denmark), I pursued further studies in the United Kingdom, where I earned a master’s degree in Ceramics and Glass from the prestigious Royal College of Art (RCA). During my time at RCA, I developed and refined my unique design language in ceramics.

My artistic journey has taken me to various exhibitions around the world, including Sotheby’s in London, the Saatchi Gallery in the United Kingdom, Maison & Object in Paris, and Beijing Design Week, etc. Several of my pieces have been recognized and collected by private collectors.

As one of the emerging contemporary ceramic designers in China, I have garnered extensive attention from both the art and design fields, and I am excited to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities in my artistic practice.

phone: (+86) 15910660755